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Supported GSM Mobile Devices

SMS Studio supports a wide range of GSM modems, terminals, mobile phones and other GSM devices through the standard GSM AT interface. Additionally, many old models of Nokia mobile phones are supported through the Nokia FBUS protocol.


Mobile devices can be connected with SMS Studio by using serial connections through USB, RS232, IrDA and Bluetooth.


In the form below you can find mobile devices tested by our team. Just select the manufacturer and the model, and info about its compatibility with SMS Studio will be displayed.



NOTE: If your device is not listed here it does not necessarily mean that it is not supported by SMS Studio. Refer to your device specification to see if it has a built-in modem and if there are drivers that need to be installed first.


How to Test and Connect a GSM Modem with SMS Studio

1. Connect your modem with the computer and install drivers provided by the manufacturer.

2. Download and run the COM Port Scanner utility (download here). It will scan all the COM ports available on the computer. If your modem does not appear, open Control Panel - Device Manager to check if your modem has been installed properly. In addition, you can contact manufacturer's support for instructions on how to install your modem.

3. Only devices with the Status "Device detected" can be connected with SMS Studio. Note that if your modem appears on more than one line, you should test it on all listed COM port numbers, because in most cases only one will work properly. If you feel you need assistance with interpreting the results, use the Upload button to send us the log for our analysis.

4. In SMS Studio create a new GSM AT connection with COM port and Baud rate taken from the COM Port Scanner, and Mode set to Standard. Make sure that Enable connection logging option is checked in the Connection tab.

6. Connect the connection and try to send and receive a few messages.

7. Check Inbox for received and Outbox for sent messages. Observe whether the status of the messages in Outbox changes from Sent to Delivered.

8. Disconnect the connection, change the Mode to Fast send and receive and repeat steps 6 and 7.

9. If there are no incoming messages or delivery reports, you should try to collect them manually with the Tools - Collect Messages option. If you now notice new messages or delivery reports arriving, then you should use the Collect every options in the connection settings.

10. If you wish us to assist you in setting up your connection, use the Tools - Locate Log File option and send us the log file.


Last update: June 15, 2024